Persons applying for an immigrant or fiancé visa in Poland, regardless of age, should undergo medical examinations at the doctors designated by the US Embassy.

These required tests cannot be performed by any doctor. The examinations are payable.

The cycle of medical examinations should be completed before the scheduled date of the interview with the Consul. Medical examinations take more than a day and may require two visits to the doctor. Medical examinations and laboratory tests are performed only at the addresses provided by the embassy. Each visa applicant must present their passport for identification at each medical examination point, and additionally bring four-color photos. Please have your immigration case number, email address, and the US address where you intend to be located.

The fee of PLN 300 per person (for the general examination together with the handling fee for filling in the vaccination card) must be paid directly to the doctor. This fee is in accordance with the agreement concluded with the US Embassy in Warsaw. Tests for latent tuberculosis (tuberculin test or IGRA test) and all required vaccinations are subject to an additional fee. Fees for the chest x-ray, urine test and blood test must be paid directly to the clinic or laboratory at the site of performance.

The results of medical examinations are valid for six months, unless the validity of the medical examinations is limited to 3 months due to the health of the applicant. In any event, the validity of the visa will be limited to the period of validity of the research.

The medical examination consists of the following items: tuberculosis tests (tuberculin test or IGRA test) for all children aged 2-14, chest x-rays, blood tests (syphilitic tests) and urine tests (gonorrhea tests) for persons over 15 years of age, general medical examination and vaccinations.

All applicants 15 years of age and older should have a chest X-ray to detect suspected TB infection. Some people will be referred for further diagnosis to rule out or confirm tuberculosis infection. Children with a positive tuberculin test or IGRA test will be required to have a chest x-ray and undergo further diagnosis at the discretion of their doctor.

Each person should bring their Child Health Book or other proof of vaccination. Children under the age of 14 should be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian. Take the X-ray image on a CD with you to the United States.

Pregnant women who are required to have a chest x-ray may choose to postpone it until delivery. Pregnant women must give their written consent to take an x-ray. For pregnant women who will undergo a chest X-ray, an abdominal and pelvic cover in the form of an apron with a two-layer lead coating will be used.

Vaccinations of pregnant women are carried out in accordance with the regulations of the American Center for Infectious Diseases, and the so-called “Live vaccines” are not given to them. Research done at sites other than those provided by the embassy, ​​even in the United States, will not be accepted. After receiving an invitation to an interview with the consul, you should immediately contact one of the doctors appointed by the embassy and make an appointment. It usually takes at least a week to complete all required tests.

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