All New York City residents can access healthcare regardless of immigration status or financial resources.

Uninsured residents can get treatment at many hospitals and clinics. In addition, in 2019, the city government launched a new program called “NYC Care” to ensure access to health care for all residents, including people who do not qualify for public health insurance programs because of their immigration status, and peopleĀ  who do not have sufficient funds to take out insurance. For more information on NYC Care, call 311.

Health insurance

Health insurance is a method of paying for the cost of medical assistance. To find out where you can get free, multi-lingual in-person help to sign up for insurance and information about the financial assistance you qualify for, call 311 or text “CoveredNYC” or “SeguroNYC” on 877877.

Public Health Insurance

Depending on your income level and immigration status, you may be eligible for economic or free public health insurance.

  • Immigrants with valid permanent or temporary status (including, but not limited to, residents who have obtained citizenship or obtained a green card, refugees, asylum seekers, people with U and T visas, people with temporary protected status ([Temporary Protected Status]) etc.) or those under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) may qualify for low-cost or free public insurance, such as Medicaid or Essential Plan.
  • People who have applied for a visa or immigration application, as well as those who have obtained official documents from government departments, may be eligible for low-cost or free public health insurance, such as part of a Medicaid or Essential Plan.
  • Pregnant women may qualify for Medicaid regardless of their immigration status.
  • In New York State, children under the age of 19 have public health insurance under the Child Health Plus (CHP) program regardless of immigration status.

Private Health Insurance

  • Immigrants with valid permanent or temporary status can purchase private health insurance from the New York Health Insurance Marketplace. Depending on your income level, immigrants may be eligible for help with health insurance costs.
  • People who do not qualify for an application for health insurance in the Healthcare Marketplace may still take out private health insurance outside that system. In addition, they may be entitled to health insurance from the workplace.
  • People who do not qualify for coverage through the Healthcare Marketplace may still apply for coverage on behalf of their eligible children.

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