Immigration lawyers from Musa-Obregon & Associates have been providing, for many years, the highest quality legal representation for Polish clients in the United States in all matters related to immigration law, including defense against deportation. Especially now, the green card does not protect its holders against ICE. Get help from our lawyers when applying for citizenship.

US visas, green cards, citizenship, asylum, deportation?

We have 50 years of experience and are familiar with all aspects of immigration law. We are efficiently operating in a comprehensive federal law system to help our clients solve their immigration problems.

Our multicultural team of employees provides services in several languages, including Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, French, Creole, Haitian and several Nigerian languages. This gives us the opportunity to help clients who come from different corners of the world and different cultures. In addition, it provides a better understanding of the client’s problem regardless of the legal issues that concern him. In particular, we are able to help our clients in all types of immigration and criminal cases, including criminal cases of deportation or arrest in exile. Of course, we can also help with other immigration issues, such as naturalization, immigration through work, naturalization, citizenship, asylum, appeal or non-immigrant visas.

Over 50 years of experience, always by your side. We realize that one of the most sensitive topics we meet in our work is this which concerns the separation of the client from his family.

If you want to become a US Citizen or Permanent Resident and live together or close to your family members, it is most important that an attorney from our company is involved in the process. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of immigration law, we will be able to help you in this process. We know the most effective ways to help you solve your situation and will do everything we can to help you achieve this goal.

For example, if you are employed in the United States, you may qualify for one of the employment categories based on which you may begin applying for an immigrant visa. These visas are issued annually by the US government. It offers approximately 140,000 such visas annually. So if you qualify for employment based on such a visa, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress and radically change your future for a better one. So take your future into your own hands by contacting our company’s professional attorney to see if you are eligible for such a visa.

There are five main categories in which you can apply for a visa to work legally in the US. The categories are as follows:

  • Category I: Priority workers
  • Category II: Professionals with high academic degrees and special talents
  • Category III: Skilled workers, specialists and unskilled workers
  • Category IV: Special emigrants
  • Category V: Investors-emigrants

To find out if you are eligible for any of the categories, it is important to contact a Musa-Obregon & Associates immigration attorney. We are determined to bring you together with your family so that you can help and support each other in life. Our law firm offers a full range of services to achieve the goals of immigration cases, from initial consultation to successful completion of your case.

Immigration attorney: defense against deportation, visas, citizenship, appeals, asylum

Over the last decade, there has been increased pressure from the federal government on people who are in the USA illegally and whose visa has expired or are working in that country without documents. When ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) becomes interested in such a person and detains them, there is a real threat of deportation from the country and then the person is not able to work, live and share his life with his family in the USA. Our legal team is experienced in quickly handling any such case to defend against deportation and understands the urgent need and necessity for prompt and effective assistance to a person at risk of expulsion from the US.

Our lawyers specialize in representing those caught on the Department of Homeland Security’s network. Many of these cases are related to criminal charges that have subsequently led to threats of deportation. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people have been deported from the US in the last decade, many of them on criminal charges.

Our founder, Michael Musa-Obregon, a former New York State criminal prosecutor, has extensive experience in federal and state criminal defense, immigration, defense and deportation policies.

Why hire an immigration lawyer from our company?

Many emigration matters will require not only qualified assistance from an immigration attorney, but also a highly qualified criminal defense attorney. In such cases, our immigration lawyer is qualified and has proven track record in both areas of law.

Our dual émigré and criminal representation allows defendants in both federal and state courts to have a single lawyer who can deal in both jurisdictions, to a significant benefit for them. Thanks to an attorney who is on your side who understands both immigration issues and that criminal law will have an impact on your immigration case, you can be sure that your case will be handled in your best interests.

We believe you deserve the best legal representation when you need to solve complex immigration law problems. We have extensive experience in assessing your immigration situation and will explain in detail how we will handle your case in order to obtain a quick and effective solution.

We can represent clients in any matter of immigration law. Don’t waste this chance! When your future is in danger, just call us immediately and let us start fighting for you.

We are also at your disposal in divorce and criminal cases from the state of New Jersey and New York!

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