US immigration law is interstate (federal). Therefore, we provide legal services to clients in all states in the US, as well as around the world. Our headquarters are located in New Jersey and New York.

Immigration lawyers from Musa-Obregon & Associates have been providing, for many years, the highest quality legal representation for Polish clients in all matters related to emigration (immigration) law, including defense against deportation. Especially now, the green card does not protect its holders against ICE. Get help from our lawyers when applying for citizenship.

Our experienced immigration lawyers deal primarily with immigration matters for individuals and business related to sponsorship for temporary work visas and green cards.

When obtaining work visas, a professional resume of applicants is submitted along with a package of documents, if there is none, then professional resume assistance is used.

We provide preparation and submission of petitions based on employment of immigrants as well as constant monitoring of the case. Our law firm also provides representation of clients in deportation proceedings and removal of the order to leave the country before the Immigration Tribunal, Immigration Board of Appeal and in government lawsuits before the American District Court and Court of Appeals.

In addition, our law practice offers several localized services to New York State residents and to national and international corporations operating in New York State. We represent clients in the field of Business Law, Labor Law, Civil Procedure, Agreements/Contracts, Corporate and Financial Law.

For companies located in New York, we offer assistance in transactions and assistance in establishing a new company, which includes: business creation, compliance with the current law and rules, merger and acquisition of two or more businesses, preparation and evaluation of contracts, as well as representation in disputes under commercial contracts.

Our department of experienced lawyers in corporate finance and insurance law provides the highest quality advice to clients around the world. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in a wide range of legal and financial issues, including domestic and international public and private IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, venture capital, joint ventures and employment. Our clients include developers, private funds and organizations that work on the development of projects eligible for the EB-5 investment criteria, and using the EB-5 program to raise capital for investment projects.

The goal of our law firms is to understand the legal needs of each client and to provide our client with the best representation available on the market with a legal strategy tailored to individual needs and problems. This approach allows our law firm to provide intelligent, effective and cost-effective advice that is essential in our industry. Our clients have the choice of taking advantage of our competitive fees, divided into installments tailored to individual needs, which is difficult to find in large law firms.

If you are looking for a law firm to handle a specific case or for a case that is already pending, please contact one of our offices in New Jersey or New York to assess your legal needs.